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9 CD for just $12

We have 2 different CD lots available

CD lot 1 features: Tiltwheel "Hair Brained Scheme Addicts" Tiltwheel "The High Hate Us" Vena Cava "Weapons Of Mass Communication" Jack Palance Band "Get This Shit Under Way" Vaginasore Jr. "Self Titled" Vaginasore Jr. "This Here Peninsula" To Live & Die In Tampa Bay "Various Artists" Tricycle Farm "everything Is On Sale" Ritalin Riot "Various Artists: Dillinger Four, Discount, Tiltwheel, Ann Beretta, The Tim Version, The Thumbs, Panthro UK United 13, and more. order

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CD lot 2 features: Too Many Daves "Weekend At Daves" Prince The Anchor Watson "Killing Momentum" Watson "Chasing 500" Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels "Aint It Funny" The Tim Version "Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band" The Shaking Hands Ritalin Riot 2 "Various Artists: Hot Water Music, At The Drive In, Less Than Jake, Leatherface, The Thumbs, and more. order

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THE CHANTEY HOOK "Underground" 45

2 song single from ex members of Superchinchillarescuemission. Comes with free 4 song self titled CD. 6 songs total for the price of one 7". Split release with Razorcake Records. Comes with digital download.

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334 pressed total, 9 mixed, 91 orange, 234 black

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DUDE JAMS "How To Become A Famous Recording Artist" LP

After 16 months of perfecting their craft, fucking off, Dude Jams "How To Become A Famous Recording Artist" has been unleashed onto the world. A comprehensive brochure on how it's done. Sound man of the ages, and purveyor of free beers, Brandon Hamilton, lets you in on his secrets on how to make it big in the industry. Baller status. Punk rock gods. As if Toys That Kill, and Off With Their Heads merged into one big super group lead by a single, solitary dude, who spends most of his time face booking, netflicking, and doing bong rips. Essential! Comes with digital download, and available in all kinds of rad split tone vinyl. 8 versions to be exact. Try em' all dude.

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press run: 550 pressed ( 11 peach / green, 19 turquoise / green, 39 blue / gray, 72 army / gray, 25 brown / gray, 22 pink / pink, 121 pink / gray, 251 red / gray)

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19 tracks in all. 20 songs total. Includes tracks from Sunnyside, Dude Jams, Madison BLoodbath, Crashbangboom, The Slow Death, Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, Apocalypse Meow, Prince, King Friday, Too Many Daves, Shit Creek, Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil Happiness, Worthwhile Way, Decker, The Bertos, Sandspur City, The Chantey Hook, Tiny Tortures, and Infected.

DAN PADILLA "No Corporate Pizza"(picture disc)

This is a 2 song single on a limited edition picture disc. Only 260 pressed. Limited to sales on bandcamp, and addrecs.com only.

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The Follow up to "Bornuglygotworse". New full length recording by The Slow Death. Featuring - Jesse Thorson: Legendary San Diego Chargers, Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels, Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil Happiness. Annie Sparrows: Soviettes, Paddy Costello: Dillinger Four. CD version available on A.D.D. Records. LP version available on Rad Girlfriend.

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SUNNYSIDE "Welcome To San Diego" LP/CD

San Diego punk channeled through the old Lookout catalog. Jason used to play in the Kids, Run For Your Fucking Life, and Tori Cobras, and sometimes gets drunk and tells us stories that make us scream like little girls. Matty plays in Madison Bloodbath & Dan Padilla, and brings the Natural Lite to practice. Mosh played in a band called the Phuzz, and once quit the band while on stage. Doney plays in a band called Dan Padilla, and was in a band called Time that his wife likes to constantly give him shit about. LP comes with digital download. Available in yellow, black, and mixed vinyl.

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Austin Texas punx. Featuring members and ex members of Dude Jams, Wild America, Teenage Softies, Punkin Pie, Shit Creek, and Fleabag.

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NATO COLES (Modern Machines, Used Kids) has finally delivered the definitive rock & roll full-length of his Minneapolis'-based, THE BLUE DIAMOND BAND. With heart-on-his-sleeves influences ranging from: Bruce Springsteen & The Replacements, Nato has mastered writing a fucking great rock & roll song. Elements of country-twang and punk rock are soaked within the bones of these instantly memorable rock songs. (Comes w/ download).

(550 pressed, 450 black, 50 orange, 50 yellow)

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